Program Design

High-quality IET program design is responsive to student, industry, community needs and goals. Resources in this section support the intentional design and development of a program that meets the needs of local labor markets, provides a pathway to quality jobs, and advances equity, diversity, and inclusion in career pathways and IET programs.

Goals and Objectives

The resources in Goals and Objectives support the creation of a common vision and alignment with student and partner outcomes.

Labor Market Information

The resources in Labor Market Information support the use of labor market information and leverage employer validation to create pathways to quality jobs.

Career Pathways

The resources in Career Pathways support opportunities for students to advance to additional workforce training, postsecondary education, and employment in a career—all in alignment with guidance under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Outreach and Orientation

The resources in Outreach and Orientation support increased access to and success in IET programs, especially for historically underserved populations.

Program Models

The resources in Program Models support the development of models for IET programs, including approaches to team teaching and structures for building student cohorts.