Power in Numbers: Reports

Changing the Equation: Empowering Adult Learners with Edtech

5th September, 2019

In this fourth and final report, Power in Numbers presents insights from its three foundational reports, accompanied by case studies that illustrate how organizations have implemented best practices in the real world. The case studies — featuring diverse adult education stakeholders, approaches, and lessons learned — demonstrate that there is not a single prescriptive path to supporting successful adult learning.

Through these case studies you will learn:

  • How a state-wide OER initiative has saved an estimated $55 million in textbook costs for its university students.

  • How an investment fund has supported the scaling of seven adult workforce technology companies.

  • How professors at a community college piloted an innovative distance learning model that has improved minority students’ course performance.


From Creation to Adoption: How to Develop and Deploy Successful Edtech

16th January, 2019

In this third report Power in Numbers examines how edtech stakeholders can rethink the development and deployment process to ensure greater learner impact. We identify three typical pathways by which edtech comes to market and enters the classroom, and the common pitfalls that limit edtech impact.

Through this analysis, we determine key actions stakeholders can take to improve outcomes:

  • Developers can shift from occasional to long-term user engagement throughout the product development process.
  • Employers can engage in the creation and classroom integration of tech tools.
  • Administrators can seek out research and data in adult edtech efficacy to inform purchase decisions.
  • Educators must receive professional development to effectively integrate tech tools.
  • Funders can collaborate with employers to sponsor adult edtech tool development that addresses skills gaps in the workforce.


Multiplying Impact: Five Frameworks for Investment in EdTech for Adult Learners

6th April, 2018

In the second of three reports, Power in Numbers examines opportunity areas for technology to drive impact for adult learners. We propose that edtech investors and developers focus on five key opportunity areas, and invest in technology solutions to improve adult education outcomes. Each one represents a framework for analyzing technologies to achieve maximum impact. They are:

  • Supplement the instructor
  • Design for life
  • Engage the learner
  • Build the community
  • Connect the dots

With the right attention and funding, investment in the development of digital tools and technology solutions can not only tap into an underserved market, but also radically transform the experiences of adult learners and educators in math and beyond.

We aim to draw attention to adult education as a field ripe for investment and innovation to would-be funders. For those already invested in the field, we hope to provide a framework for analyzing the impact opportunity of future investments.


The Math Gap: Implications for Investing in America's Workforce

12th September, 2017

This document is the first in a series of three reports on the state of the technology market for adult learners of advanced mathematics.

This initial report focuses on demand, including demand for advanced math skills, demand for new tools and approaches that meet learner and educator needs, and demand for teacher training to support deployment of new tools. Subsequent reports will focus on the landscape of existing tools for learning advanced mathematics, as well as opportunities to improve the creation and deployment of new tools for adult learners.

The purpose of these reports is to capitalize on the intersection of grassroots resource development, technology innovation, and labor market demand for skills to inform the future of adult advanced math education. In doing so we hope to illustrate the opportunity space for funders and technology developers to cater to this underserved market.