Reentry Education Tool Kit

Strategic Partnerships


Partnerships are essential to the success of an education continuum. Reentry education providers must collaborate with correctional facilities, parole and probation officers, social and employment services, and employers. Effective partnership practices include mapping resources to identify potential partners and establishing a formal partnership agreement.

Mapping Partnership Resources

Reentry education providers should conduct an assessment of potential partner organizations that could support the reentry process. Providers also should create a resource map to connect students to support and employment services.

Establishing A Partnership Agreement

Providers should establish a formal partnership agreement or join an existing group to ensure that partners develop:

  • Common goals and objectives
  • A plan for regular communication
  • A process for measuring success


Developing Strategic Partnerships for Reentry Education

This tool offers recommendations and resources to help providers identify and develop sustainable, strategic partnerships for creating successful reentry education programs.

Resource Mapping Tool

This tool guides providers through the process of documenting reentry resources in their community, identifying new partners, community resources, and support for their students.