Adult Numeracy Instruction 2.0

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Adult Numeracy Instruction 2.0 (ANI 2.0) professional development materials are designed to assist you in implementing college and career readiness (CCR) mathematics standards in your programs and states.      

What is ANI 2.0?

ANI 2.0 is an evidence-based, fully online program to support standards-aligned mathematics instruction for adults. The program is an update to the Adult Numeracy Instruction (ANI) Professional Development and supports the Department’s strategic priorities of (1) assisting state and local efforts to improve learning outcomes, (2) preparing all students for successful transitions to college and careers, and (3) advancing Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

How was ANI 2.0 developed?

WestEd developed ANI 2.0 under a three-year contract  with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (Contract Number: 91990019F0060A00003). The process included developing the first iteration of the program; recruiting and training facilitators for a field test of the program; running the comprehensive field test in six states; and finalizing the program to be made available to states through the LINCS Technical Assistance Center.

What are the objectives of ANI 2.0?

  • Improving teachers' mathematical knowledge and the quality of their instruction
  • Improving student outcomes and attainment of short- and long-term educational and employment goals
  • Communicating the principles of the original ANI course at a greater intensity and duration
  • Sharing new research on pedagogy and curriculum (learning) resources
  • Contextualized learning and practical application

Adult Numeracy Instruction 2.0 Development Timeline

How is ANI 2.0 organized?

The materials include six modules, designed for fully online instruction with adult mathematics instructors. 

  • The first two modules: 
    • Introduce instructors to the program (its goals, organization, expectations, common routines, and core content) 
    • Provide an orientation to the organizational and technical logistics of the online program Introduce key instructional routines and formative assessment practices.
  • The remaining four modules are each organized around key mathematical content of the CCR standards: 
    • Whole and rational numbers and operations 
    • Algebraic thinking Geometry and measurement 
    • Data, statistics, and probability

What characterizes the activities in ANI 2.0?

ANI 2.0 is full of rich, interactive tasks that are appropriate for adult learners and that adult educators can bring into their classrooms. For an example of a task you will experience in ANI 2.0, check out Problem-Based Task Example

How can I access ANI 2.0 training for the adult educators in my state?

The LINCS Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will be offering ANI 2.0 training to a cohort of interested states. For more information, please contact the LINCS TAC at