Power in Numbers

Our Impact

  • Convened nine subject matter experts (SME) as part of our expert network.

  • Worked with 37 educators from 21 states to curate, review, and create OER.

  • Published four reports exploring the edtech opportunities in adult education.


Applied math skills empower adult learners to think critically and solve challenges big and small. Math can open doors to further education and training, and significantly increase employment opportunities and long-term career options.

The 21st-century workplace is technology-rich and constantly evolving, and employers need highly skilled employees to meet the needs of the modern economy. The Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) launched Power in Numbers to help adult learners gain the applied math skills they need to succeed.

We have teamed up with teachers, experts, and other stakeholders to curate high-quality open educational resources (OER) that adult education instructors and learners can access for free.

Learn more about Power in Numbers and how to get started with OER.

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Explore these sharable guides and step-by-step instructions that help administrators and educators get started with OER.


Find out how administrators, educators, funders, employers, and developers can collaborate to advance adult education and develop effective edtech solutions.


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Getting Started with OER

Learn more about the benefits of open educational resources, and download Power in Numbers resources to help find, use, and create OER.

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Adult Learner Stories

Inspire adult learners with powerful stories of three students who overcame obstacles while pursuing their academic and career goals. Adult students are highly motivated and determined, yet face many common challenges in continuing their academic studies. These videos celebrate persistence and motivation while emphasizing the importance and relevance of advanced math skills.

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Meet the Experts

Learn more about the work of our Power in Numbers subject matter experts.

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