STAR Module Overview

The STAR Training expands participants’ knowledge of effective reading instruction and improves their ability to build local and state adult basic education systems that support reading improvement.

STAR Training is delivered in 30 modules using a flipped classroom approach. Participants work on their own in online modules where information is explained and modeled, and guided practice activities are provided. Time estimates are given for these modules, but the modules are self-paced.

Participants must then practice applying what was learned with their own students. No time estimates are given for these practice and reflection modules as planning and lesson times vary from teacher to teacher.

All assignments are completed in an online program portfolio where participants receive feedback and support from their trainers and from other training participants in their program.


STAR Methods Impact Students

“Recently I had a student who started my class with a TABE of 6.5. By learning to apply STAR strategies he was able to bring his TABE score up, take the NCRC test, and he received a promotion at work.”

- STAR Instructor on Student Impact

“I am very happy because where I work, the people over there say... ‘Now we got to talk, because your pronunciation is much better to understand.’ ...Sometimes it is hard to come to school after a day of work, tired. But I come happy because here at school, I am always learning!”

- Minnesota Star Student

STAR Resources Support Instructors

"I am so excited that my 'world of reading' has opened up as a STAR teacher! I am more able to diagnose a student’s weakness and then teach skills to improve it…WOW! I feel so empowered to help students in all areas of ABE with one necessary skill in life — READING!"

- Minnesota Teacher

“I particularly benefited from time guided-practice navigating in the online platform - as a participant and as a trainer. I plan to use the password to continue getting familiar with it so we can provide training to previously STAR-trained teachers.”

STAR Provides Ongoing Support for States

“STAR is going well. It has been so important that our state leader be supportive of the project.  She sends email responses to the field after the trainers send their email. The agencies feel her support and she is quite a champion of the training.

- State Representative

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Through the STAR Training Package, states can access the latest reading research, highlights on STAR programs, student success stories and more. STAR Training Packages are available to states for purchase and pricing is based on the training package selected. The training includes:

  • Full STAR training with a nationally certified trainer
  • Access to interactive EBRI resources for adult education
  • Membership in the STAR community of practice
  • Teacher Tips Monthly Discussion
  • Ongoing support for STAR Implementers

To receive justification support and pricing for the STAR Training Package or to learn more about the STAR initiative and available resources, please contact the project team at