College and Career Readiness Resources and Professional Development

College and Career Readiness Standards-in-Action

These professional development (PD) materials are designed to assist you in implementing college and career readiness (CCR) standards in your programs and states. There are 14 PD units—seven in English language arts and literacy (ELA/literacy) and seven in mathematics.

  • The beginning-level units introduce you to the key instructional advances that identify the most significant aspects of CCR standards.
  • The advanced-level units build on and extend the learning. These trainings delve into the instructional implications of level-specific standards to shape the approach instructors and program leaders take to implement standards.

Each ready-to-use PD unit includes a facilitator guide, an annotated PowerPoint presentation, and the remaining workshop materials. Use these resources to provide professional development and training activities, or to help plan and deliver CCR lessons.