Adult Ed Med Contextualized Video Lessons

This website provides free contextualized video lessons and resources for adult educators and adult students.

Ashly Winkle
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TCALL @Texas A&M
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To support adult students who lack just a few skills that could push them ahead of the rest on a job interview, the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TCALL), at Texas A&M University developed 20 video lessons in English and 20 in Spanish that included topics identified through a needs assessment from adult education teachers around Texas. These lessons are tied to the Texas Adult Education Content Standards. The entire lesson plan and accompanying resources are provided for teachers to teach the lesson in their own classroom as well.

Benefits and Uses

This resource was designed for adult educators.  A comprehensive lesson plan is included for each of the 20 lessons with lesson objectives, assessments, activities, and more.  Lesson plans are written at both lower and higher educational functioning levels. These lessons can be used in subject matter classes or as part of an integrated education and training program.

The "About" page of the website clearly states how adult educators can use the resource. The videos can be used to teach the first sections of each lesson: Warm-up, Presentation, Modeling, and Guided Practice.  Because the videos and student resources are all online, the resource can be used to support a flipped or blended class as well as for distance learning curriculum. Some of the lesson plans specifically suggest how to use the video. The videos are current and compelling, featuring adult learners from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The supplemental teacher resources are useful for new and seasoned educators. New educators might like the ability to have the concepts taught in the video and then reinforced in class. Seasoned teachers might get ideas for new approaches to teaching certain topics and skills. Limited preparation would be needed to use this resource effectively with adult learners.

Required Training

No prior training required.

What the experts say

The Adult Ed Med Contextualized Video Lessons provide adult educators with easy-to-use materials that support the delivery of quality lessons that engage adult learners both inside and outside of the classroom. The videos feature adult educators, a set of adult learner personas, and authentic adult scenarios. The use of diverse adult learners in the Meet our Learners videos may help adult learners feel a sense of belongingness and desire to work through the skill videos. Additionally, the complete lesson plans articulated at both lower and higher educational functioning levels make these resources 'plug and play' for math, reading, ELA, and workforce preparation instructors.

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