CashCourse is an interactive website devoted to helping students build money management skills, survive in a touch economy, and prepare for success. 

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CashCourse offers financial education resources for schools and their students. Through worksheets, calculators, quizzes and articles, CashCourse provides students the resources to build the financial skills they need to get through the college and prepare for their future financial lives. The content is organized into six main area of money management:

  • Earn
  • Save & Invest
  • Protect
  • Spend
  • Borrow
  • Pay for Education

The content is designed to be easily understood and is continually updated. Users can access articles, worksheets, quizzes, calculators and videos. Teachers can track what students have learned and access workshop kits that include PowerPoint presentations and facilitator guides.

What the experts say

CashCourse is deeply embedded in adult education and financial literacy and is an excellent source of information on essential everyday financial topics for young adults pursuing postsecondary education. It is well designed, attractively laid out, and provides a large amount of information in multiple formats that promote engagement. Both the site architecture and the informational articles are somewhat complex—adult students using the site would benefit from advance guidance from an instructor. Teachers might want to do a team road mapping activity that helps students understand the site architecture and locate information on specific topics. 

The site fills an important niche in personal finance education, i.e., preparing college students with the financial knowledge and habits that will enable their success upon graduation. While there are many K-12 financial education resources available to assist students and teachers, CashCourse focuses on the post-secondary student and preparing them for careers and build solid financial futures. It is intended to be a content platform to enhance personal finance instruction at the collegiate level rather than a free-standing course. More video and interactive learning would strengthen this presentation of content, but that can be left to the instructor. CashCourse also offers several supplements to the basic instructional materials presented in the modules. Expert advice, content quizzes, featured videos, financial calculators, budget tools and a program Facebook page enhance the platform.

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