HyperDocs for Adult Educators

This toolkit contains tutorials, templates and sample lessons that help adult educators create documents that use hypertext to help students learn key concepts independently.

Ashley Winkle
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Literacy Council of Tyler
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This website is a collection of resources aimed at helping adult educators create and use HyperDocs in their courses. HyperDocs are digital documents that use hypertext to link students to online content that guides and deepens their understanding of important concepts. The goal of HyperDocs is to provide students with a single document that allows them to direct their own learning while under the guidance of an instructor that serves as a facilitator.

The site includes how-to instructional videos, documents and templates for creating HyperDocs, as well as sample lessons in reading and writing; math; social studies; English as a second language and family literacy; career and college readiness; and digital literacy. There are also professional development materials that can be used independently by instructors or as part of a professional development program. A discussion board is provided for adult educators to share their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, questions and struggles about using HyperDocs in their classrooms.

What the experts say

HyperDocs are a tool for teachers who want to guide their students to resources and websites in the cloud as opposed to just sending them out on their own to search for something relevant to the lesson. With one HyperDoc, students have all the information they’ll need to complete their lesson at any time or place because they're accessible online.  

HyperDocs are also a tool for substitute teachers because it keeps students on task without upsetting the flow of the topics/lessons being learned. They can be also used for Professional Development, new teacher orientation, and guided practice on digital literacy.

HyperDocs for Adult Educators is an innovative resource providing a user-friendly method for students to learn how to create hypertext instructional materials. The format is interesting in that it breaks down and simplifies the website to streamline the process of mastering each function. This feature is especially useful for adult educators—and their students—as the integration of technology into their learning environment is often challenging for them.

A brief history of Inquiry-Based Instruction would have helped users establish a knowledge base users upon which to build future learning. Although the author references some research on multi-modal instruction and Inquiry-Based learning, users must access that research on their own. Users will also note that the HyperDoc Girls video on the front page is unavailable for viewing.

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